Various characters from Elmo The Musical on Sesame Street


Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is best known for her character Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street, for which she has received 5 Emmy nominations for Best Performer in a Children's Series, and since her debut in 2006 (season 37) the show has won 9 Emmy's for Outstanding Preschool Children's Series.



  • Sesame Street:  lead characters  (2006-present): 

       Abby Cadabby

       Velvet the Curtain - Elmo the Musical

       Lily - Outreach "Raising Hope Against Hunger" – PBS – Primetime Emmy award for      Outstanding Children's Nonfiction, 2012

       Jesse - "When Families Grieve" – PBS – Primetime Emmy-nominated, 2010

       Becky, aka "Smudge" — "Once Upon A Sesame Christmas", 2016


  • Sesame Street:  additional characters: Moby Pink, Netti the Yeti, Penelope Penguin, Flantine, Carrie from "Homelamb", Prairie Dawn's Mom, Lotta Chatter, Sleeping Beauty, Virginia Virginia, Miss Bennett, Salesperson, Old Lady, Whole Wheat Bread (Super Foods), Icelandic Girl, Lady Fingers, Tic-Toc, Galadriel, Oscar's Mom, Goozie Orman, Pineapple, Onion, Tomato, Judy, Spider in Furry Potter, Queen of Diamonds,  Caffeinated Cow, Minnie the Mina Bird, Poodle, Detective Woman (Elmo The Musical), High-walking Heidi, Cheerleader, Bird in Hat Shop


Additional Television / Film:


  • Splash and Bubbles (PBS/Jim Henson) — Bubbles, Flo 

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Evil Succubus in the Dracula Musical

  • Abby In Wonderland – Sesame Street feature 

  • Johnny and the Sprites – Ginger

  • A Muppet Christmas – Letters To Santa, NBC

  • Blues Room  (Nick Jr) – Blue 

  • Animal Jam (Jim Henson Television / Discovery Kids) – Edi

  • Angel  – Fox Television

  • The Wubbulous World of Dr. Suess – Morton the Elephant Bird, Little Cat A (season 2), Princess Tizz

  • Muppets Tonight (ABC) Spamela Hamderson, Darci, Queen Guenevere, Belle the Bubble Mom, Dorothy Bovine

  • Good Morning America (ABC) – assorted Sesame Street appearances including 2012 Olympics, London, England

  • Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) – assorted Sesame Street appearances

  • Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade (NBC) – Sesame Street float

  • National Christmas Tree Lighting (PBS) – White House

  • Easter Egg Roll – assorted live performances, White House



Stage Performance puppet characters:


  • Wake Up Your Weird characters - created by Leslie:  Lolly Lardpop, Velvet Lambmore, Slax the Lizard, Granny Dot, Doyle. Performance debut off-Broadway at the Marjorie S. Dean Little Theater / 63rd Street Y, additional performances: Center for Puppetry Arts, Atlanta, GA


  • Puppet Up! / Stuffed And Unstrung:   (2007-present) Henson Alternative - Aspen Comedy Festival, off-Broadway at the Union Square Theater New York, Melbourne Comedy Festival, Edinburgh Fringe Festival





Various characters from Crumby Pictures and parodies on Sesame Street

Various characters from street stories and celebrity words on Sesame Street

"I Can Sing" with Elmo - Sesame Street

Evil Succubus Lady in Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Edi the Zebra sings "Springin'" from Disney's Animal Jam

Word on the Street with Blake Griffin - Sesame Street

Lolly takes a trip to Milano, Italy

Spamela Hamderson dances in Muppets Tonight

Carrie in "Homelamb" parody - Emmy nomination 2014 - Sesame Street


Ginger sings "Muddle in the Puddle" from Johnny and the Sprites

Velvet the curtain in Elmo the Musical