Entertainer/Live Shows

Leslie has created a variety of live shows for kids, for adults, and for all ages. Shows can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific theme, age group, or population (kids at risk, hospitals, etc.). Leslie's shows use a combination of music, art, puppetry, improv, movement, and storytelling! Click on each show below for more info!


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"When I first saw Leslie, her talent, gifts and imagination filled me with JOY!  She is an experience you don't want to miss."

~ Chita Rivera

"If you took DNA strands from Jim Henson, Pee-wee Herman and Robin Williams and spliced them together you might just create something like the unbelievably talented force of nature, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph. Wake Up Your Weird is the perfect vehicle to showcase Leslie's insane mix of comedy and character. It is side-splittingly, front-splittingly and rear-splittingly funny!"

~ Joey Mazzarino, Emmy-winning head writer of Sesame Street

"Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is an original. The lady is crazy talented! Nothing throws her, and she just keeps moving, making each moment funnier than the next, making you think that miracles really do happen because that's what Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is: a miracle."

~ Stephen Mosher, Broadway World

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“If I could wrap up living gifts for the children of the world, they would be these shows, these ways of navigating life creatively. My mission is to help the young and young at heart discover their true joy and celebrate their individuality through the arts.”   - Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

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Additional works by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph:

  • Life In Other People's Shoes - original one-woman show, HBO Workspace, Hollywood

  • The Wahoo Wagon - original show for Disney's El Capitan Theater, Hollywood

  • Something Smells - premiered at the Cavern Club Theater, Silver Lake, Los Angeles