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Leslie & Abby Cadabby
Leslie with Sasquatch hands
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Six-time Emmy Nominee Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is a multi-faceted entertainer, puppeteer, voice actor, artist, writer and creator. She is best known for performing Abby Cadabby on Sesame Street.

A graduate of San Francisco State University with a BA in Child Development Through The Arts, Leslie got her start as a puppeteer on ABC's Muppets Tonight and went on to develop her own signature character, candy-loving 5-year old Lolly Lardpop. 

"My work throughout my career in both teaching and entertainment has been focused on “spreading joy through the arts,” helping people and communities navigate life creatively. Whether I’m performing for children or adults, in outreach programs or cabarets, I always try to shine a light on humanity with storytelling, music, art, and comedy. I’m excited to be starting a new adventure and introduce “Humor With A Heart Productions” co-created with my writing partner Jamie Donmoyer. I also spend a great deal of time collaborating to create music with my husband Paul Rudolph and playing with my dog Newhart."

This little fairy is in your corner with all her heart!
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— Chita Rivera

She is an experience
you don't want
to miss. 

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Leslie, Lolly and Chita Rivera
"Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is an original. The lady is crazy talented! Nothing throws her, and she just keeps moving, making each moment funnier than the next, making you think that miracles really do happen because that's what Leslie Carrara-Rudolph is: a miracle"
— Stephen Mosher, Broadway World
Leslie with Walrus Slinky
Bob, Lolly and Leslie in Bizarre Brunch
Leslie as Nose

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Side-splittingly, front-splittingly, and rear-splittingly funny! 


— Joey Mazzarino, Emmy-winning head-writer of Sesame Street

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Producing live shows, recorded media, interactive experiences, and creative curriculum that entertains, educates, & inspires.  


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