Join the fun for Lolly Lardpop's Radio Playdate! A fun-filled, family-friendly podast!




This radio-show-style podcast is hosted by Lolly Lardpop, a candy loving toothless little sock puppet on a mission to spread joy across the airwaves! Packed with lots of music, zany characters, and special guests. It’s a puppet show – on the radio!


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It’s a family-friendly, whimsical variety show – prairie home companion-esque – with a slightly twisted sense of humor and flair for the ridiculous.


The recording technician is a Sasquatch named Gordon, the sound effects are provided by a bunch of pink monkeys, and a sassy senior citizen named Granny Dot oversees the whole hilarious heartfelt hoopla.


Join 5-time Emmy-nominated Leslie Carrara-Rudolph, best know for “Abby Cadabby” on Sesame Street, as she introduces you to the wild and whimsical world of her original characters. Each show will be based on a theme, revolve  around a special guest, highlight a style of music, or just share fun stories with a unique and interesting characters.


Live shows are recorded in front of a studio audience featuring Lolly’s band, the Red Hot Lemonheads, amazingly-talented students from Art House Astoria, sound effects artist Chris Sassano, and exciting special guests.


Created and written by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph

Live shows directed by Alan Muroaka
Associate producer Paul Rudolph
Creative Consultant Jamie Donmoyer