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This HEART skills project got Becky Ray a kidney and the donor was a complete stranger who saw the video .

H.E.A.R.T. skills is a simple curriculum inspired by a “service learning” approach to the arts. The goal is to create work that makes a difference in people’s lives, builds a sense of community, and takes an artistic idea to a fully realized project that is grounded in love and imagination. The big picture dream is to have H.E.A.R.T skill’s clubs where people of all ages can meet to become involved in an artistic project that helps their community or shines a light on those in need of love and humanity.   


Here’s how it works:

 You take whatever situation you may be looking to improve and make an outline using the acronym H.E.A.R.T.


H- Humanity:

 What is the humanity you are hoping to bring to the situation? (Ex: find a Kidney donor, raise funds for a community space, help someone in need, food bank,  animal rescue, nature, etc.…) Once your goal is established you write your mission statement. This statement will ground you in your intension and be the heartbeat of your work.


E- Education:

 Educate yourself about the situation. Make a list of questions and begin your research. Even if your goal is to simply help an individual, find out all you need to know in order to be thoughtful and respectful to their situation. Remaining sensitive to cultureal, social, environmental, and health is extremely important. 



 What art form will best serve the situation and get your idea out into the world. Is it a video, a song, a mural, a poem, cards, a book, a float, etc. If there is a time line for your outreach it will determine your art form. Your project may begin small but know that you are planting seeds that can grow into big picture idea in the future. A “desire to inspire” is good to keep in mind.


R-Resources. What resources are available to you to? This doesn’t just mean financial resources. This means art materials, human resources, and options for a creative space for work and or performances. Most service learning projects start with a budget of zero and that’s what makes this type of work so rewarding! Anything is possible when you pull your creative resources. Make sure one of your resources is a Mentor for your dream.


T-Truth. Shining a light on a person, community, or situation that needs to have the truth be known to all. This is the most important. It all comes down to truth grounded in love.

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